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    But this romance, this land was not to last as it was slowly being carried away by force of circumstance, just as his fatherland was being ravished and carried away by force of armsThough the age-old bond of devotion is severed, The ever-lasting love's odor lingersThe language was the everyday vernacular spoken with spontaneity and simplicityNgc Kiu ! Ngc Kiu ! n cp song i Cho ti v hng tri sc nc; V huyn diu men say lt mt; V yu tinh dn gin thu v gan; Ta thip i -- trong mt pht m lon Xung mun t ri bay ln tt bcNo u nhng m vng bn b sui, Ta say mi ng ung nh trng tan? u nhng ngy ma chuyn ng bn phng ngn Ta lng ngm giang san ta i m u nhng bui bnh minh cy xanh nng gi Ting chim ca gic ng ta tng bng? u nhng chiu lnh lng mu sau rng Ta i cht mnh mt tri gay gt ta chim ly ring phn b mt? - Than i! Thi oanh lit nay cn u! Nay ta m nim ut hn ngn thu Ght nhng cnh khng i no thay i, Nhng cnh sa sang tm thng, gi di: Hoa chm, c xn, li phng, cy trng; Di nc en gi sui chng thng dng Ln lt bn nhng m g thp km; Dm vng l hin lnh khng b him Cing hc i bt chc v hoang vu Ca chn ngn nm cao c, m uQue le monde chancelle La muraille de la tristesse ne s'est pas croule, ma belle ! Traduit par Thomas DNot to be intimidated, the Moderns did not take long to pick up the gauntlet in a parallel rhyme-for-rhyme riposte that appeared in the Phong Ha issue NoVietnamese poets, eager for modernization, wasted no time to adopt French versification and prosody rules, and in the process began to sever their ties to the old classical poetic traditionWe have found that women in Africa use more mobile internet to empower themselves


    He is credited with the creation of a genre of poetry called Crazy Poetry, which is a outcry of pain and suffering characterized by extremes of morbidity, shocking expressions, surrealist images, strong emotions of despair and love, and hallucinatory visionsFor two years (1938-1940), Xun Diu was Huy Cn's roommate at the College of Agriculture in Hanoi, from which he received his engineering degree in agricultural science in 1943It may be possible in some poems even to assume that the speaker is the reader, as the latter can identify himself or herself with the unknown speaker in emotions and in thoughtsIt captures the lively activities of domestic animals in small farms scattered among rice paddiesI shudder at such a shimmering light, And hear the belle in her song die While full moon shines on the blue streamHomesick I then light up a smoke Letting blue puffs rise to the treesRead more Peko Wan 32 comments Join us to fight for net neutrality July 12, 2017 At Opera, weve always fought against all kinds of technical thresholds that could slow down the speed of internet for almost two decades with using our compression technologyThe acerbic poem excoriated Tn for his inebriated, smelly breath, his stubbornness, his vacillating feet, his short tongue, and his incorrigible attitude, all of which should seem to earn him institutionalizationI listen to the vast universes Curl up into the tiny grains of sand, My thoughts enmeshed in great Missteps, My soul ensnared in rapt immense Dreamland


    Xun Diu Why? To Doan Phu Tu The other day, we met in bright sunshine Looking at me, you wanted to ask "Why?" When I came there to see on your lips fine A hint of smile that so much pleased my eyeLe 22 February 2009 Ta Mun m C s sng mi bt u mn mn; Ta mun rit my a v gi ln, Ta mun say cnh bm vi tnh yu, Ta mun thu trong mt ci hn nhiu V non nc, v cy v c rng, Cho chnh chong mi thm, cho y nh sng, Cho no n thanh sc ca thi ti; -- Hi xun hng, ta mun cn vo ngi! Xun Diu I Want to Grasp The Life has just begun to burst forthThe first stanza depicts a typically peaceful and friendly country corner where the lush green garden is likened to precious jade and where the sun rises over the areca trees and the bamboo grove, spreading its glory across the abode of the sweetheartIn other words, there was a silent minority of uncommitted or disengaged intellectuals who stood on the sidelines while the conflict was playing itself outNu c ngy no em quay gt Lui v thm li bn thu xa Th i mi tc khng xanh na My bc, trng vng vn tht tham u huyn ng m trn mi tcIt is the realm of the unclean, of the morbid, and of the pathological, which is so far removed from the world of everyone elseKnowing this, the garden's owner can be anyone in the coveted world out there, including his beloved, but most likely the latterC th no qua Vn l trng thnh Ca hai vi tr cha y b mtThanks to an article he published in the newspaper the French released him 75d6b6f5ec

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